Shopify Meetup 1907

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CRO for Ecommerce Businesses

Are you interested growing your ecommerce business? Are you eager to know how to transform your bounces into sales? Business owners, marketers, growth hackers and CRO professionals are all welcome to join the next CRO Meetup together with Shopify.

You are all welcome to join and take advantage of this opportunity to get great insight into the world of conversion rate optimization, specifically for Ecommerce.

We are super excited to see you the on March 19th in the centre of Amsterdam at WeWork; following we will have some drinks and food at the bar next door (Cafe Mulder).

The location

WeWork Weteringschans 165 C, 1017 XD Amsterdam
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Your Host

Amanda Marochko is the organiser and host of this Shopify Meetup event. As Market Development Lead is responsible for partner development in Europe. With this event Shopify hopes to enable you, as a partner, to grow your business.

Amanda Marochko

Market Development Lead @ Shopify

Dr. Evert Semeijn

co-Founder @ Neurofied

Applied neuromarketing in CRO

As a CRO specialist, you're making psychological decisions all the time. Experience taught you WHAT works and sometimes even HOW it works. But the WHY often remains a mystery.

In this talk, Dr Evert Semeijn, neuropsychologist and co-founder at explains the why behind the buy. He'll show you how understanding insights from behavioural psychology and neuroscience allows you to improve your conversion and grow your eCommerce business.

CRO for Ecommerce subscription based business

Nowadays marketing is getting more and more expensive, acquire new customers are getting very expensive. The importance of a subscription model business for an Ecommerce seams to be one of the hipe nowadays, how can you optimize and implement a successful subscription business?

I'll guide you through the importance of an Ecommerce to have a subscription-based model, you will see the successful case about how a business can grow

Niccoló Gloazzo

CRO @ Yhello // Qbrico

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